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How can I help?

Thank you for considering to support the Swiss Board of Aid and thus the children and adults in need in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa!


Everyone can do something to help the most needy in the poorest province of South Africa! You are welcome to visit our projects in South Africa and see them with your own eyes.

Material transport

  • Are you flying from Switzerland to South Africa in the near future and have some empty space in your suitcase to transport hospital equipment, clothing or children's items for the Swiss Board of Aid?

Build the iThemba Home

Once-off donation

  • Would you like to make a once-off donation to the Swiss Board of Aid and deduct the amount from your taxes in Switzerland?

    • South African Bank account: Business Cheque Account / First National Bank / Account number: 62877501877 / Branch Code: 250109 / SWIFT Code: FIRNZAJJ

    • Swiss Bank account: Postfinance account number 85-769649-5 / IBAN: CH14 0900 0000 8576 9649 5 / BIC/SWIFT Code: POFICHBEXXX


Sponsorship for a project

Sponsorship for a child


  • Are you looking for a special gift or do you want to buy a South African product for a good cause?

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