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Sponsorship for a project

Thank you for your interest in a sponsorship!


With a sponsorship, you can support the work and projects of the Swiss Board of Aid in South Africa longterm and sustainable with an annual or monthly contribution of your choice. A sponsorship enables the Swiss Board of Aid to continue growing and to tackle larger projects every year.

Become a sponsor for a project

Payment frequency and currency

Terms and Conditions: The specified minimum amount must be paid immediately after signing up for a sponsorship and thereafter depending on the payment method either annually until end of January of the new year or monthly until the last day of the month. The sponsorship runs indefinitely. Depending on the payment method, it can be canceled annually by latest end of November of the current year or monthly within 30 days. The contribution to the Swiss Board of Aid is tax-exempt in Switzerland. The annual balance of the Swiss Board of Aid can be requested by sponsors at any time. The sponsors are informed at least once a year about the activities of the Swiss Board of Aid via email newsletter.

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