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Sponsorship for a child

Thank you for your interest in a sponsorship!


With a sponsorship, you can give a child who cannot grow up within its biological family a chance to live in a safe and loving family, get educated and, if necessary, receive medical care!


The children live with members of the Swiss Board of Aid in East London in South Africa in a safe and loving family environment of the iThemba Family. Sponsorships and donations make it possible for the Swiss Board of Aid to offer these children in need a home and school education. With a sponsorship you can make this possible for long term. Most of the contributions are used to pay for school fees as all South African schools charge school fees. It is important for us that the children receive a good school education in a safe learning environment. This is the only way to give them a good chance to become independent, young adults.



The children


We would like to introduce our children but we also have to respect the children's privacy and the legal requirements of their court orders. You are welcome to contact us personally if you are interested in sponsoring a child but would like to receive more information.

Luyolo 2019


born 2012

With her fighting spirit and confident personality, she survived as a baby like a miracle. However, she has a cerebral palsy, a fetal alcohol syndrome and a developmental delay. Going to school gives her the ability to become an independent adult.

since 2018 in the iThemba Family

IMG_20200114_174629 - Copy (2).jpg


born 2007

The shy, very helpful and lovely half-orphan girl had experienced various traumas in her young age. A loving home and a safe learning environment gives her a chance to grow into a successful young woman. She was able to be reunited with her family end of 2021.

All the best!


Child in

temporary safe care

This child was abruptly taken away from his family by the authorities due to neglect, illness, violence, or the like. Now he/she needs lots of love and care to start healing from the traumatic past and start trusting again.

since 2020 in the iThemba Family



born 2012

The energetic and intelligent boy cannot remember how it is to have a mother. Without being separated from his sister, he can now grow up in a safe and structured environment and reach his full potential. He was able to be reunited with his family end of 2021.

All the best!

Become a sponsor for a child

Payment frequency and currency

Terms and Conditions: The specified minimum amount must be paid immediately after signing up for a sponsorship and thereafter depending on the payment method either annually until end of January of the new year or monthly until the last day of the month. The sponsorship runs indefinitely. Depending on the payment method, it can be canceled annually by latest end of November of the current year or monthly within 30 days. The contribution to the Swiss Board of Aid is tax-exempt in Switzerland. The Swiss Board of Aid warrants to use the sponsored amount solely for the selected child. The annual balance of the Swiss Board of Aid and the detailed use of the sponsored amount for the selected child can be requested by sponsors at any time. The sponsors are informed at least once a year about the supported child and the activities of the Swiss Board of Aid via email newsletter.

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